The Muse

This had to be the first post. I could not be without writing now. It is close to sunrise in my part of the world. I am watching The Pursuit of Happyness and blogging this out on anonymous.

Relationships : I am not as of a bitch as portrayed in the above lines. I am pretty much like you. Yes, the you who is reading this now and making a judgement on me.

In both relationships, I have given my best. Sweated out the most intricate of my feelings to keep it alive. And lost them. One, I wanted to lose. The other, plainly slipped out of me. I have now grown out of them. Totally. Well, almost. And then, I met GG. Will explain what that is a bit later.

Broken Family : And then there is the relationship that I will never grow out of. The one with my Dad. The way he does not like my Mom one bit. Yes, I am a product of a broken family. I have never been able to fathom why they are still together. But, that is a part of me. The uncertainty, the fights, the pain, the tears and the agony.

Single Parenthood :I am a proud product of it. I know what it means for a woman to beg her husband for money. To handle cold stares from uncaring uncles/aunties and to sit back with her daughter ( me) and teach her to read. My mom is my hero. For life.

Marriage Phobia: As a result of all this and more, I have a phobia for weddings. I hope to get over it soon.

GG: GG is Great Guy. We met at university, over another friend. He is the One. We are so apart. He will kick my ass if he knows I am blogging about him. I intend to share this with him, sometime in life. I love him now.

I will keep this post updated.